Monday, November 3, 2008

Life delivers Roses.....

My first "rose"....a call from my surgeon Friday saying my genetic testing was negative! I have always felt my mother's cancer was a result of her polio and all of the ensuing medical interventions. Even though I am at the high end of the risk chart, genetics did not have a hand in it. I was overjoyed to pass the good news on to my girls and their father.

The second "rose" haircut early Saturday. Even the "bad" stuff seems to make me feel better, like I am getting that much closer to being finished with all of this. I didn't want to watch, although my cousin took photos I have not yet looked at. My wig which looks very much like my own hair was immediately placed on my head and I didn't remove it until about 12 hours later.

Brrrrrrrr, I had no idea how cold a bare head could be. I was glad I had purchased a little beret, but today I realized that a tight-fitting hand knit cap sent by a good friend in Michigan kept me much warmer. Scarves are okay, the wig will have it's place, but I think I am about to embark on a knitting and crocheting frenzy. There are so many great patterns out there....caps are more comfortable and less trouble than anything else. What do I care if people realize I am bald or if they wonder whether I have cancer? I am more than happy to talk to anyone about what needs to be done to stay healthy.

And the last "rose" of the most beautiful full rainbows I have ever seen greeted me as I rounded the corner on my way for juice this morning. From now on, I will take my camera with me. Not a tear was shed over the loss of my hair, but I must say the rainbow brought a few. It felt like a promise from God that this will never again happen to me.....and if I believe, it will be so.

Yes, I am having difficulty sleeping tonight, but all is well!

PS These beauties are some I can see from my bedroom window. Nice, huh? The camellias will be blooming soon.


sara meli said...

oh, I love rainbows! I am so glad you saw one, and am sure there was a reason. And no, you shouldn't worry if people wonder about where your hair is. Wear what you like and what makes you feel comfortable.

You for a time will be without your hair, like a tree without leaves in winter. No less beautiful, just conserving energy deep in your roots in order to bloom in the spring--healthier, greener and stronger than before.

I love you! I will see you very soon : )

Denise said...

What wonderful rainbows! What a relief to find out that your genetic testing was negative! Hair does serve a good purpose and someday yours will grow back. In the meantime, keep that head warm!
You know the 1st rainbow was placed in the sky as a promise to Noah & his family. I know God promises to watch over you. That's wonderful that He blessed you with a rainbow that day when you needed one!
We're enjoying your blogs.
We love you lots