Monday, November 17, 2008

Sicky Poo

Well, I guess it's been a few days....I have not been feeling so well, mostly just really tired, but my eyes watered constantly for about two days and then a gigantic cold sore popped up on my lower lip, my belly has been killing me, but tonight I am feeling again more or less "normal".

Saturday again we had our weekly outing into the City. One of my cousin's favorite restaurants in "Yank Sing", the #1 choice of dim sum in the "Best of" category. I didn't feel much like eating, but I did enjoy the pea pods and my favorite, their perfectly dressed cole slaw.....YUM!

The day was perfect, a cloudless 82 degrees. Views of the City from Ft. Baker were magnificent; however, this weekend I suffered some of the worst homesickness I have ever felt - I don't miss cold, dreary weather, but I do miss Papa Joe's, Plum, Pita Cafe, Whistle Stop, my cute little house and all of my dear friends. Despite this beauty, March cannot come soon enough......I want to get on with my life.


Denise said...

What is dim sum? Is it another way to say,"Dem sum good eats?"

soozy said...

Hey Denise!

You will have to google dim sum, but you will never know until you eat sum! "Dem sum good eats!" haha....did Jim say that? I will take you there when you come out...lots of fantastic vegetarian food. The second you sit down, they start bringing trayloads to your table and the procession never ends....lots of steamed food - totally delicious!

soozy said...

That being said, unfortunately with this last round of chemo my sense of taste is pretty much gone. I can still detect strong flavors, but the crunchy textures are the most appealing which is another reason I love their cole slaw sooooooo much!