Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Round # Three!

Good Morning, Everyone!

Fall has arrived in Redwood City. It's chilly here this morning - no sun yet, maybe later, but there are still roses blooming. A beautiful yellow one is spreading its petals outside my bedroom window with more buds on the way. I must say, this environment sure helps the medicine go down a lot easier.

Today is round #3 of the adriamycin and cytoxan and I have already drunk one liter of water and hope to get another down before I go. Last time my veins were playing hide and seek which was not a fun game. This time I decided to increase my fluid intake, go for a walk which I am nearly ready to do and repeat over and over in my head, positive affirmations.....I do NOT want a port! The nurse assured me last time that my veins would make it through this, but I have decided to do everything I can to make sure that is realized.

I look forward to completing this round and to being that much closed to going home. Rolling and stretching this evening....Birmingham here I come!!


sara meli said...

but what can you do to protect your veins? Does drinking lots of water have something to do with it?

Denise said...

Sara, From my experience yesterday (11/11),yes drinking a lot of water is a necessity! I didn't drink enough fluid over the weekend prior to having dental surgery. The dentist stated that he always hits the vein on his 1st try. NOT with ME! The 9th time was the charm for getting the IV started! I learned my lesson!
Uncle Jim

soozy said...

You know, I bought large glass straws when I was in Ft. Bragg which makes drinking less palatable drinks much easier. Barb had told me her mother always wanted to drink her protein drinks with straws, but a lot of times they got plugged. When I saw the large glass straws, I bought 2 for her and 2 for me. She broke hers earlier this year and refused to drink anything more until Barb got her more....and she did!

I would have NEVER been able to get that amount of water down this morning had it not been for the glass straw....three big sucks and my large mug was emptied!

Shapoor is taking me up to Ft. Bragg for a two-day raw food nutrition class Dec 4-6 and I will buy everyone glass straws for Christmas!

I am also happy to report Barb and I went to our Roll and Stretch class this evening and so far feel absolutely wonderful after the chemo today!

Shapoor also dropped by and we walked for a mile...I am doing great!

FYI, drinking water increases your fluid volume....but in your case, Jim, you were apprehensive, as I was two weeks ago. Blood pressure falls and veins disappear. Today I was just stick and that was it!