Saturday, November 22, 2008

HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY TO ME - Get your Mammograms!


Yoga du Rire said...

My darling Sue!
I was finishing my vision board today and suddenly, I realized it is YOUR B-DAY today! My friend Fadi was visiting from Montreal and was doing his own vision board... I started to think of you and I smiled. He asked me what was funny. I said "Nothing except it is my good friend Sue's B-day today and I forgot to mail her something"... know what he told me? "Oh... and you're so good with remembering everyone... I am sure she knows that you are always thinking of her with love and a smile" and he went back to building his project.
I will try to call you tomorrow but if I can't talk to you, please know that you are right there in my heart and that I love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER!
I simply was amazed that you picked that same song I played again and again a few years ago on my cd player! isn't that a great song for your day?
Take care.
Love you always.

soozy said...

Dear HaHa Sister!

It has been a busy week with my girls here, so I am just now seeing your post. As always, I so appreciate your kind, loving thoughts and well wishes.

Your b-day audio message makes me laugh each time I listen to it; however, both daughters wonder if the chemo has gone to my head!

3AM, I really need to try to sleep....this is the worst side effect from the chemo which is really not all that bad. I will sleep while they cook tomorrow....and awake to lovely aromas!

Oh, I forgot you are Canadian.....hahahahahahaha! One day I must invite you - our Thanksgiving feast is the BEST!

Love you!

soozy said...

PS I had never heard that song before, but I really like it so much!