Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friends back East, Eat Your Hearts Out!

I am so lucky to have wonderful cousins who do so many thoughtful things for me. Every week they take me somewhere special, usually into the City, always to a special restaurant and absolutely always we have a glorious taste of Nature. I took these photos a few weeks ago from Sausalito looking toward San Francisco which was pretty much fogged in. My greatest "high" is from natural beauty. It fills me up so much, there have been times my chest felt like it would burst.

The hills of San Francisco are beautiful, but next summer I want to be walking and biking through the hills of Tuscany with my daughters....hairless, but happy!

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sara meli said...

There is a beautiful Navajo prayer that says, simply,

"I am restored in beauty
I am restored in beauty
I am restored in beauty."

And of course what they mean is the beauty of the world, the magic of forests and of waves, the trill of birdsong, the honey-colored light of afternoon, and even the diamond-light of winter. Not everyone is able to see this beauty, much less to feel it, but you do; you can use this beauty to restore yourself, to build your stores of energy for moments when you feel your spirits flagging. At those times you have only to remember a beautiful place, look at a picture of a beautiful place, or else go there directly and say to yourself, "I am restored in beauty." And you will be. I love you!!