Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow......

A lumpectomy followed in Michigan August 22 without complication. The surprising thing about all of that was none of it really hurt. The idea of having many needles of various sizes stuck into my breast was not a welcome thought. Had I known beforehand, I would have been even more resistant - it was a good thing to not know.

After much deliberation, I called my cousin in Redwood City, CA to ask if I could live in her cottage behind her home while I went through chemo, etc. Leaving home was difficult, but not having anyone with me during this ordeal would have been even worse.

So, here I am! The photo below was taken from behind the cottage; the one above is of my little living room. It's cute and cozy - a safe haven while I make my way through all of this.

Chemo, 4 cycles of Adriamycin and Cytoxan and another 4 cycles of Taxol, began Oct 15. My oncologist promised complete hair loss 2-3 days after my second treatment which is this Wed....I am prepared. The wig is ordered, my hair is cut, but no fall-out yet! Maybe it's the wheatgrass juice I have been having every morning!

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