Monday, October 27, 2008

A Walk on the Green Side - I am in California, right?

I will elaborate on the benefits of raw, living food more later, but let me say, I saw firsthand many years ago after my mother went to Hippocrates Clinic in San Diego what a positive effect consuming raw foods can have on a body. My mother had polio at age two and her life from that point on was a continual whirlwind of doctors, surgeries and medications. Never had I seen my mother with rosy cheeks.....and I can still see her face as I saw it then, glowing, radiant and full of life after three weeks of raw foods, along with a shot of wheatgrass juice every day. Regardless of all the negative comments you might hear or read online, I know what I saw was actual.

So, these days I walk a little more than half a mile from here for my wheatgrass "fix", one ounce of green, liquid "gold". That along with a 24 oz. glass of fresh beet, carrot, apple, celery, and ginger is my breakfast each morning, something I started about a week before my first chemo. I feel great!

I am trying to stay primarily raw, but hot veggie soup has been calling me lately. I figure if I drink my fresh veggies every morning that should do it for the day.

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